Where to Place Recessed Lighting in a Living Room

Lighting a Living Room

Using recessed lights (downlights, cans, high hats or pot lights) isn’t that difficult and you do need to follow some tips in order to get the best out of them. Fun and creative, these lights do bring a special vibe into any room which is why is essential to keep in mind some general rules.

You could start by thinking, which is going to be your focal point. You starting point could be a particular spot in your room that needs a recessed light straight above it. If you’re in the kitchen, you do need a light right above your stovetop or your sink. A reading chair may be the starting point in your living room. In many cases, though you may simply space the recessed lighting evenly in your room with no focal point. You just use the center of the room and continue all around it instead.

Some use the blueprint of the room to pencil in where they put the recessed lights. For a better work, take time and measure the furniture in the room, even creating paper shapes that are rightly scaled for the blueprint.

Another great method is to divide the height of your ceiling by two. This gives you how much distance you want between your recessed lights. When your ceiling is 8 foot high, you should use a 4 feet distance between your recessed lights. Take in consideration though the type and wattage of the light, the purpose of the lights and the brightness/darkness of the décor in the room as well.

No matter how you plan to do it, always put the recessed lights three feet away from the wall. You don’t want to create any shadows in a corner as it makes your ceiling look lower. After all, you want your room to look brighter and larger.