How to Light a Living Room with No Overhead Lighting

Lighting Living Room

Even though you’re renting a house with no overhead lighting, that doesn’t mean you can’t improvise and even get nicer options for bringing some light into a room.

An elegant and efficient option is the plug-in pendant light that is a single light, hanging by a cord from the ceiling. In many cases, the cord is hard-wired straight into the ceiling electrical box. A plug-in pendant light plugs into your wall outlet with subtle wire snaking up the wall, across the ceiling to the drop point you wanted.

Lighting with Led smart-bulbs

Wall sconces work also very well for lighting up a room. Small, single or double-bulb accent lights, sconces are fairly easy to attach to your living room wall and draw power from in-wall wiring. You attach them right to the electrical box and the decorative housing covers the box. You may also use an existing wall outlet when you don’t want to run power through the wall.

If none of the above works for you, you can always go with some battery powered interior lights. They are easy to install, low priced and go great in a dark area where you don’t go on regular basis. Keep in mind though they’re not very bright and you do need to change the batteries from time to time, especially if you’re using them in a living room.

As you can see, you do have one or two options when it comes to bringing some light into your living room, even though it has no overhead lighting.